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What Then?!?

When all the great plants of our cities
Have turned out their last finished work;

When our merchants have made the last bargain,
And dismissed the last tired clerk;

When our banks have ranked in the last dollar,
And have paid out the last dividend;

When the Judge of our earth says,
"Closed for the night!"
And askes for a balance, What then?


When the choir has sung the last anthem,
And the preacher has prayed his last prayer;

When the people have heard their last sermon,
And the sound has died out on the air;

When the Bible lies closed on the pulpit,
And the pews are all empty of men;
And the Great Book is opened - What then?


When the actors have played their last drama,
and the mimic has made his last fun;

When the movies have flashed the last picture,
And the billboard displayed its last run;

When the crowds seeking pleasure have vanished,
When the trumpet of ages is sounded,
And we stand up before Him - What then?


When the bugle call sinks into silence
And the long marching columns stand still;

When the captain has given his last order,
And they've captured their last fort and hill.

And the wounded afield have checked in;
And the world that rejected its Saviour,
Is asked for a reason...

What then?

- Author Unknown


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