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What Does The United States Proposed Global Governance Mean To You?

It Will Mean:

    * Genocide of all people whose existence might be harmful to mother earth.

    *  Forced compliance to a New Age "Earth Ethic" which would deify the globe and supercede even religious belief or expression.

    *  Surrender of U.S. armed forces to a world army controlled by the U.N.

    *  Surrender of the U.S. judicial system to a world court controlled by the U.N.

    *  Forced taxation to the U.N. on top of our own restrictive United States IRS.

    *  And much worse!

    The United States wants to suspend the veto power of the 5 standing members of the U.N. Security Counsel -- which would mean the USA would have NO control whatsoever over when and how war was waged in the world.


The United Nations Convention for the Rights of the Child

The Charter Which The UN and Clinton want to slip past the
World's People... especially the United States

    The new standing army of the United Nations might even be used to eradicate surplus population.

    Some say the global environmental movement has decided that this earth can only support 1 billion people with a U.S. standard of living ...


    This is all part of the "global Governance" envisioned by the United Nations!

    When and how is this global governance to be instigated?  At the United Nations' Year 2000 Millenium Assembly.

    A completely new U.N. charter will be presented at this assembly, and all heads of state will sign it. --


    In the United States, we have developed a republic with a system of checks and balances to ensure the civil rights and freedoms of all Americans.  Are we ready to surrender that to a United Nations Government which values the planet above the people, has absolutely no checks and balances and no accountability, and will supercede our national sovereignty and autonomy?

    This global governance machine even means the United Nations would take control of the U.S. environment and standard of living, including our practice of religion and distribution of wealth, among other things!

    Under the current United Nations charter, there is no way that U.N. Secretary Kofi Annan can seize the global power he wants for his organization ...

    So he has ordered a committee to revamp the constitution in time for the Millenium Assembly, as part of the mysterious Millenium Summit planned for the year 2000.

    Annan says only the United States has "the scope and legitimacy to generate the principles, norms and rules that are essential if globalization is to benefit everyone."  But who is to be the arbitrator of what is best for everyone in the world?

    If we do not want to lose the civil liberties and freedoms for which our fathers and grandfathers fought and died, we must do something to STOP this travesty!  Next year will be too late.

Annan plans to spring this new charter on an unsuspecting world at the Millenium Assembly.

    Common citizens of the world such as you and I have not been consulted about whether we want to give the U.N. such far-reaching powers -- and we will not be asked whether we prefer our own autonomy to a conglomerate world government controlling not only the armed forces, but the courts and religion, too.

    There are no common folks on the committee to design the charter at all.  Our only voice is liberal-leaning politicians:  Key players such as President Clinton are well aware of what will be in the charter ...

I've already mentioned to you the Clintons' plans for their personal future and the future of this nation.  One-world government plays right into their hands.

In fact, Clinton's repeated use of American troops as U.N. minions shows that he is only too ready and willing to surrender U.S. sovereignty.

And be assured:  The U.S. president can and will implement the global controls over United States sovereignty by a PRESIDENTIAL EXECUTIVE ORDER

    How Can we STOP this madness?

    First of all, we must write and sign a letter to Senator Jesse Helms, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.   As a leader, he is a true patriot.

    We must call him to launch a special investigation into the United Nations Millenium Assembly and their new charter.

    We must request Open Hearings so that the whole nation will know about this plot to subjugate our proud land!

    The Open Letter asks Senator Helms to get his committee to take the lead by pressuring the Senate to suspend all U.N. funding until this matter can be completely investigated -- and until this evil plan can be stopped!

Most Americans have no idea that the U.N.
is paving the way for a one-world government.

They have no clue the United Nations has
plans to crush our nation's autonomy.

    We must proclaim the truth which the liberal media refuses to tell!

    The liberals would like nothing better than for us to remain silent while they slip this atrocity past the unaware public!

    We cannot let this happen!        WE MUST SOUND THE ALARM!

    The United Nations expects to surprise the world with their new charter at the Millenium Assembly. We Must Stop Them!  Let your representatives and Senators...   Especially Senator Helms, here from you today.

An example of an Open Letter to Jesse Helms (letters to other reps should be reworded a little for them):

    Senator Jesse Helms, Chairman Foreign Relations Committee

Dear Senator Helms,
    I believe the United Nations Millenium Assembly is a device to be used for the unveiling of a new U.N. charter which could radically alter our nation's sovereignty and freedoms.

Please launch an investigation of the Millenium Assembly, Millenium Summit and the drafting of the new United Nations charter.  For the sake of our children and grandchildren, please direct the Senate to suspend funding to the U.N. until its true objectives can be verified and our nation's autonomy protected.

signed ___________________________

(Find Your Representative's Addresses At The Congressional/Senate Page.)

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The United Nations Convention for the Rights of the Child

The Charter Which The UN and Clinton want to slip past the
World's People... especially the United States


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