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The Government Issued Debit Card

This is the card that may replace our money.

Below you will find how the UPC works.

As you can see there are two sides to the UPC bar code. Likewise, there are two codes which are used. One for each side. The left code is also used for the odd bar lines. Code #1 (above) is used for the three very obvious 6's. One on each side, and one centered. 6-6-6

When this type of code is used for our cards/marks, this is probably how the process will work.

Instead of five numbers on either side there will be six. Three will be your area code and the other nine will be your Social Security number. This would precisely pinpoint anyone. We already have seen where the 6-6-6 are located. The last three numbers are the U.S. identification code.

This three digit code which identifies countries; (the U.S. is "110") is micro-encoded (in the magnetic black strip), but it is a part of the 18 digits necessary to identify each person.

"Eighteen Numbers?" you might ask. This would be three groups of six numbers. 6-6-6 is present in this fashion, but also in the code itself as 6-6-6 in the bars.

The embossed number on the front of the card, such as we have on any bank card, denotes a particular file where our individual information is stored.

In the final code, we would have: . . . 666 in the bar code . . . 110 encoded inthe black stripe . . . 870 for [my] area code . . . 220-53-0000 is the Social Security number. The Social Security number could also be replaced with the nine-digit zip code. There is also been discussion of a new Social Security numbering system. AND there has already issued a new 12 digit number for every individual in Germany. And a number has probably also been assigned to each person living in Mexico, South Africa, and Nigeria.

But why the 6-6-6 on the card? What would that do?

The Recognition code for the world computer in Europe, a machine which has nearly every living person on the face of the earth already numbered.


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