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Some Views
of the
Beautiful Little Town of
Cotter, Arkansas
in the heart of
Arkansas' Ozarks

Oh, yeah, we do have road kill around here.  Usually
it's not someone we know like my grandson, James.

When driving down the main street, you get a view of this
historic bridge, build in 1934.  It was one of the very first
'Rainbow Arch' bridges in the United States and it was the
state of the art in technology.  Now, it is being rebuilt
to restore the most of it's character

As we pan to the right from that bridge, we can see
across the beautiful White River and into Marion County.
Between us and the river is about a 150 foot drop.

And as we pan around to the right a little further, we see this beautiful view.

Then from that other side of the river, we look back to town.
There is the Rainbow Arch bridge from the Marion County side.
At the left beyond the railroad trestle is the lower part of Cotter.
In the hey-day of the railroad (circa 1906), this iron rail bridge
was built.  The arched portion of it is a turntable, which is ironic.
Why?  They built the bridge, turntable, tested it to see if it
worked....    then it's never been used since....   nearly 100 years.

This is a closer view of that magnificent structure called a bridge.

Then past the iron rail trestle, you can see some
of the homes lining the bluff.  We live on the backside
of that bluff where it slops down gently.

Then moving on to the left, one can see on up the ridge...
and the homes that line it.  These people have a marvelous
view across the White River to the Marion County side.

As we go into the city park, we see this enormous spring.  That
entire creek, about 20-25 feet wide and a 12-24" deep comes from that
one spring.  All towns have their own swimming hole and this
is ours.  During the summer months, children from all over town
come here to Cotter Spring cool off.  Oh, the pole has a rope
attached so one can swing out and drop off.  The water here is
approximately 60 degrees all year round.  Who needs a public pool
where you pay when you have one of these. :)

Opposite the spring is the underside of the Rainbow Arch Bridge.

This part is directly over the playground in the park.

Then we have this view of the bluff on the west side of
Cotter, on the other side of the White River.  In those
trees way at the top are where the nest shots were taken.

To the left of the from the bluff we again see the Rainbow Arch
Bridge.  It's wonderful that they are restoring this magnificent
structure.  The Cotter Park is seen in the foreground below the bridge.

Another shot of the area.....   The White River here is
looking toward where it curves around to the right (upstream) and
the Bull Shoals Dam is up there a few miles.  This part of
White River flows down along the far (west) side of Cotter and
curves around this horseshoe curved area and then.....

.....passes on up the other side of Cotter.  This is looking
downstream toward Calico Rock and on to the Mississippi River.
This view was taken from an outcrop of rocks.  To get there
one must climb through bushes and over rocks on an outcrop
that measures about 15 feet wide and 60 feet long.  But the top
is like a narrow ridge....   and one must balance along it's ridge.

From the rocks, this is a view of the lower part of Cotter.
Our house sits about 1/3 in from the left in the dead center.

Right in the middle of this picture, you will see a church steeple.
Just to the right of it is our house, but it's in the trees....      LOL

And as the Ozark sun sets in the western sky, I bid you good-night.