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    The old saying that we are what we eat is treu. Unfortunately, few of us eat enough of the right kinds of foods to promote optimal health of all our body's systems. That's why Enrich International offers products like EFA™ to supply elements that may be lacking in our diet.

EFA™ supplies a comprehensive blend of essential fatty acids - good fats - that are scarce in modern day refined foods. EFA™ affects the balance of prostaglandins, hormone-like substances that play an important role in regulating the immune system. The other kind of fats - bad fats (which are found abundantly in french fries, shortening, margerine, baked goods, etc.) - are damaging to our health. As it turns out, the more bad fats we consume, the greater our need for EFA™ to counter their harmful effects.

Once known as vitamin F, essential fatty acids play many important roles in the human body. They balance hormones and nourish the brain, nerves, and cardiovascular and immune systems. They are also beneficial to the skin, hair, and nails, and to cell membranes.

Enrich International's EFA™ supplies a full spectrum of essential fatty acids and and comes in carob-colored gelcaps as an added precaution to guard freshness. In addition, Enrich's EFA™ is solvent-free and expellor- pressed to ensure maximum nutrition and purity and to deliver superior quality.


Recomended Use:

Take three capsules daily as an addition to the everyday diet.


Flax seed oil, borage seed oil, salmon oil, black currant seed oil, evening primrose seed oil.

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Features & Benefits

Helps regulate and support the immune and cardiovascular systems
Provides important nutrition that is often lacking in modern diets
Balances hormones and nourishes the brain and nerves
Solvent-free and expellor-pressed to ensure maximum nutrition and purity
Sealed in gelcaps to guard freshness

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