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    Cough-Eze™ helps the body relieve cold symptoms such as couchs and congestion. A hard-working liquid extract, it provides powerful support for the respiratory and digestive systems and also helps the body get rid of toxins.

Cough-Eze™ contains the following ingredients:

  • Chickweed is a blood cleanser
  • Licorice helps the body naturally eliminate mucus and relieve the irritation caused by sore throats. It also provides support to the adrenal glands and helps the body cope with stress
  • Comprey has been in popular use since 400 B.C. A source of allantoin, a cell proliferant which supports the growth of healthy new cells, comphrey is also one of the most nourishing herbs for the respiratory system.
  • Marshmallow is a mucilaginous herb that helps soothe mucus membranes in the lungs, digestive tract, and bowels.
  • Mullin nourishes the lungs and helps the body with coughs. It also supports the lymphatic system.
  • Horehound provides nutricional support to the lungs and broncial system.
  • Lobelia helps the body remove obstructions from its systems and nourishes the lungs.
  • Cayenne supports the cardiovascular system. When combined with lobelia, it helps the body flush toxins from the stomach and bowels.


    Recomended Use:

    Take one half to one teaspoonful in water or juice three times daily.


    Chickweed plant, licorice root, comfrey plant, marshmallow root, mullein plant, horehound plant, lobelia plant, cayenne fruit, glycerin, water.


    Features & Benefits

    Helps the body ease cold symptoms such as coughs and congestion
    Helps the body naturally expel mucus
    Supports the body's efforts to cleanse itself
    Manufactured with 100% all natural ingredients at Enrich's own facility to meet the strictest quality control standards.

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