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Cold™ Plus

    Cold™ Plus is a delicious tasting liquid extract containing a special blend of ingredients that help the body ease the symptoms of colds - and so much more! Soothing to irritated throats and upset stomachs, it also helps the body to naturally loosen congestion.

Cold™ Plus contains the following Ingredients:

Peppermint, in popular use since antiquity, helps the body settle stomachs and relieve indigestion and heartburn. One of its most important components, menthol, promises digestion. It also helps the body increase vigor and strength. Elberberry helps the body rid cells of toxins. It also assists the body in increasing circulation and cleansing the blood. Sweet orange peel can assist the body in its digestive process. Elecampane nourishes the respiratory system. Angelica nutritionally supports the digestive and respiratory systems.


Recomended Use:

Take one-half to one teaspoonful as often as needed.


Peppermint leaves, elderberry flower, sweet orange peel, elecampane root, angelica root, burdock root, licorice root, catnip flowers/leaf, juniper berries, marigold flower, peach bark, white pine bark.


Features & Benefits

Helps the body ease cold symptoms
Soothes irritated throats and upset stomachs
Helps the body naturally loosen congestion
Manufactured with 100% all natural ingredients at Enrich's own facility to meet the strictest quality control standards.

Ordering Information

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