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    A natural formula designed especially to nourish the eyes and surrounding structures, Cata™ works quickly and effectively. However, it is not dropped into the eyes but is taken sublingually (under the tongue). A unique product available only from Enrich International, Cata™ immediately absorbs into the system,bypassing the digestive tract.

Cata™ incorporates a system of nutrition developed nearly two centuries ago in Germany. The principal behind this system of nutrition dates back at least 2,300 years to Hippoctrates and is based on the law of similars. This means that a substance given in large crude doses will produce specific symptoms, but when this same substance has been reduced in size and given in minute doses, it will stimulate the body to remove these same symptoms. Set your sight on the best -- take Cata™ from Enrich Enternational!


Recomended Use:

Squeeze ten drops under the tongue three times daily.


Ingredients: Flourica 11X, magnesia carbonica 9X, naphtalinum 7X, vitamin A 13X, euphrasia 5X, juglans regia 5X, cornea 13X, pancreas 9X, opthalmic Arteria 11X, optic nerve 13X, and liver 7X.


Features & Benefits

Unique product, available only from Enrich International
Natural formula designated to nourish the eyes
No Harmful side effects
Convenient, sublingual application
Immediately assimilated by the body
Manufactured with 100% all natural ingredients at Enrich's own facility to meet the strictest quality control standards.

Ordering Information

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  • Product Name: Cata™
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  • Quantity: 30 ml.
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