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Cal-Mag Chelate™

    Even though most of us associate bone with skeletons, bone is a living tissue, just like the rest of the body. Never staying dormant, bone constantly breaks down, grows, and regenerates itself.

Calcium provides the main key to renewing healthy bone structure. Playing similar roles, calcium and magnesium have been likened to Siamese twins of the mineral world. Magnesium helps the body's absorption of calcium, and calcium is necessary for the body to assimilate magnesium. Enrich offers a unique, powerful form of calcium/magnesium blended into a natural peach-flavored powdered drink that is easily mixed with liquid and easily absorbed into the body.

Besides helping to nourish the bones, calcium plays other important roles in the body, including regulating growth, nourishing the nervous system, assisting in reproduction, supporting muscle contractions, and other vital body processes. Magnesium assists calcium in creating strong bones, helping normalize muscle contractions and nerve impulses, and helping the body to use sugar properly and produce protein - key factors in healthy tissues and cells. Calcium and Magnesium regulate the contractions of blood vessels to keep blood flowing smoothly. It is a scientific fact that the amount of mineral absorbed is more important than the quantity consumed. Enrich International's Cal-Mag Chelate™ provides the highest quality chelated minerals for maximum absorption by the body. Chelates are more bioavailable than inorganic forms of calcium and magnesium, thus supplying the richest source of nutrients for the best price!


Recomended Use:

Take one rounded teaspoonful daily in a half cup of water or fruit juice.


Calcium, magnesium, fructose, peach flavor, malic acid, citric acid, methocel E-5, boron vitamin D, manganese.


Features & Benefits

Unique form of chelated calcium and magnesium
Convenient to use
Optimal formula for safety and effectiveness
Supplies the body with bioavailable, chelated minerals
Manufactured with 100% all natural ingredients at Enrich's own facility to meet the strictest quality control standards.

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