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    Enrich's AllerCalm™ is designed to help support the respiratory system and clear the way for life sustaining air! This proprietary herbal formulation works with your body to help restore free breathing for hours. It also helps the body to maintain proper cleansing and nourishing functions. One hundred percent aspirin-free and natural, AllerCalm™ contains no artificial chemicals and does not promote drowsiness.

Contained in this exclusive formulation is Chinese ephedra, which boasts 5,000 years of recorded, safe use in the Orient. Chinese ephedra is especially valued for benifiting the lungs. Modern scientific studies on ephedra confirm complete safety. Other ingredients found in our formulation include lobelia, known to exert a calming influence on the respiratory tract; golden seal root, which soothes the mucous membranes; and bee pollen, which is rich in supportive nutrients. Primary nutrients in AllerCalm™, these ingredients work together to safely see you through every blooming season!


Recomended Use:

Take two or three capsules ever four hours, up to fourteen capsules daily. Children under twelve should use only as directed by a physician.

For best results, do not use this product consecutively for more than three months.


Chinese ephedra herb extract, white willow bark extract, valerian root extract, pan pien lien herb, goldenseal root, bee pollen, Cayenne fruit, peppermint leaf.


Features & Benefits

Assists the body's respiratory system
Does not cause drowsiness
Helps Restore free breathing
Manufactured with 100% all-natural ingredients at Enrich's own facility to meet the strictest quality-control standards.

Ordering Information

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    2. Call Toll Free to: 1-800-307-3366
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  • Product Name: AlerCalm™
  • Product #3100
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