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"Mama Prayed"

When the doctor told Mama there was a life indeed,
And a baby would come that be in need;
Mama knew that without God's love and care
This child would grow with only sin to bear.
So Mama Prayed.

There was much for her to do when I came by birth
To prepare me for my life on earth.
While the Pastor dedicated this baby boy,
Mama smiled on her new son with evident joy...
And Mama Prayed.

Many times my brother and I would just be youth
And argue, but Mama would bring us the truth.
She would teach us the Word about peacemakers and such,
Then she'd go to her room and weep for us much...
And Mama Prayed.

As a young man in my teens I ran around wild.
Independence was my manner, sin was my child.
When I sat in the jail and was tried in court
Mama's prayers were never short...
'Cause Mama Prayed.

There were times I worked hard on evil's side
Searching for unknowns in the New Age that's spread wide.
But I always knew that I must turn around
To what Mama taught for Jesus' Doctrine was sound...
Why? Mama Prayed!

While I was sick and laid up in bed,
There were even times I could've wound up dead.
But I always came through in excellent health,,,
She'd been talking to the Lord, her spiritual wealth...
Yes,,, Mama Prayed.

One day I found the Truth, the Life and the Way,
I work to live it each and every day.
I found this life that's so rich in God,
Because He heard Mama's prayers 'til she met the sod...
'Cause Mama Prayed.

I am the person that I am today
Because of her teachings of the Lord Jesus' way.
She's instilled in me the diff'rence between right and wrong,
And that no matter what life gives, we could always have a song...
And,, Mama Prayed.

She lived her life with a song in her heart,
Each new day a song is how it would start.
Even in her last days,
One favorite song of her's could show us her ways...
And,,, Mama Prayed.

This song was "Jesus Lover of My Soul"
I've seen her live its words full and whole.
Now as I read the words to that song,
I know in her last hours, for what her heart longed...
And,,, Mama Prayed.

She set an example I strive to fulfill.
It was the love of Christ that was her will.
She wanted this life for each of her young,
You could clearly tell it by the song that she sung...
And,,, That Mama Prayed.

In her talks with the Lord, She remained true.
And prayed for her children, that they'd live righteous, too.
Yes, I smoked, drank, and ran around wild,
But, Praise God! I'm now the King's Child.
'Cause Mama Prayed.

Written by and copyright 1995:
Rev. J L [PoPs] Snurr, Sr.

In Memory Of My Mother
Mary Alice (Witmer) Snurr
24 Feb 1911 - 30 June 1992

 PoPs Ministries
We're Gung Ho For Christ

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